How to Make Spray Paint Really Glossy

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Things You'll Need

  • Enamel primer spray

  • High gloss spray paint

  • Clear Gloss finishing spray


Always work on spray paint projects in a well ventilated area, and wear a face mask to prevent excessive inhalation of the fumes.

Spray paint can produce a professional glossy finish.
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Spray paint is an easy an efficient resource to have in your home improvement arsenal. An inexpensive can of spray paint can provide a full coverage paint job on materials varying from wood to plastics and metal. There are types of spray paint that range from matte to glossy when dry, and these attributes are listed right on the front of the can, but there are several easy steps you can take to give your painted piece that extra gloss and sheen, making a refurbished item look brand new.


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Step 1

Prime the piece you are painting by using an enamel spray paint in your selected color. Enamel paints are the ideal primer because they smooth uneven surfaces and completely prep the material for the forthcoming glossy paint adhesion.

Step 2

Paint the item that you are refurbishing with one to two coats of high-gloss spray paint in the color of your choice. Opt for a higher quality, name brand paint to ensure proper coverage and increase the durability of the painted item. According to Better Homes and Gardens, high gloss paints tend to hold up better to stains and will maintain a shine even through cleanings and wear over time.


Step 3

Allow the freshly painted project to fully dry overnight in a clean, well ventilated space. The piece will be tacky to the touch for several hours, so it is best to leave it inside to prevent dirt and other elements from sticking to the wet paint.

Step 4

Touch up any final spots that need an extra boost of color before you add your final gloss. Spray painting can be an erratic medium, so it can be easy to have missed spots or uneven distribution of paint.


Step 5

Coat the project completely with a layer of clear gloss finishing spray. This coat will boost the shine of the piece to give it a professional finish, and provide an extra layer of protection against scratches and nicks.


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