How to Get Rid of Wrinkles in Bed Sheets

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Clean, wrinkle-free sheets give your entire room a neat appearance.

Having wrinkles in your bed sheets can be frustrating and give the appearance of a messy bed. The best way to get rid of wrinkles depends on the type of fabric and how you clean them in the first place. Following a few simple steps helps keep your sheets wrinkle-free, whether you use them right away or store them for later use.


Eliminating Wrinkles

Step 1

Wash your sheets with a liquid fabric softener. This helps soften the fibers in your sheets during the wash cycle so they are less likely to wrinkle during drying.

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Step 2

Pop a dryer sheet into the drying cycle. Dryer sheets help eliminate static electricity so your sheets are less likely to cling to each other during drying. This helps minimize your chances of the sheets creating a tight ball during drying that tends to add excessive wrinkles.


Step 3

Remove your sheets from the dryer as soon as the cycle completes. Pulling your sheets from the dryer immediately minimizes wrinkles ahead of time by not allowing them to form unwanted creases.

Step 4

Spray the sheets with starch and then iron. Allow the starch to settle for a minute or two before applying heat. You need to adjust the temperature of your iron, depending on the material of your sheets. For example, if your sheets are silk, apply a low-heat iron, but if your sheets have a cotton high-thread count, iron at a higher steam temperature. Ironing with starch not only eliminate wrinkles, it keeps your sheets crisp so wrinkles are less likely to form again. Always follow the directions on the tab of your sheets.


Step 5

Steam your sheets to get rid of wrinkles. You can use a steamer in place of an iron or after an iron if you continue to notice wrinkles. Hang your sheets on a clothes line or drape them over the shower rod. Fill your steamer with water and wait for steam to come out. Gently place the head of the steamer on the fabric and move it around over the wrinkles. Steam loosens fabric allowing tight-knit wrinkles to fall out. Allow your sheets to dry completely before making your bed or putting them away.



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