How to Hand Sew a Tear in a Leather Couch

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It is possible to repair a tear in a leather couch.

A leather couch is an impressive and luxurious addition to almost any room. Unfortunately, with daily use, the leather can tear. Rather than replacing the couch, or attempting to find a matching patch, you can hand sew the tear. You will need a few supplies available from most crafting stores to hand sew a tear in a leather couch. Depending on the size of the tear, repairing your couch should require between 10 and 15 minutes.


Step 1

Clean the area around the tear with leather cleaner per manufacturer's instructions. Wait for the clean area to dry completely.

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Step 2

Trim away rough edges with a pair of sharp scissors. Cut away only as much as you must to ensure the leather is undamaged enough to hold stitching.


Step 3

Pull the edges of the leather tear together and pinch them so the ends face upward. Secure the edges with alligator clips placed 1 inch apart. These clips will secure the edges as you work, making sewing easier and more efficient.

Step 4

Thread a curved upholstery needle with a length of thick nylon thread six times the length of the tear in the leather couch. To thread the needle, pull one end through the eye and then double it back on itself, lining the two ends up. Tie the two ends of the thread together in a tight overhand knot.


Step 5

Sew the tear together, starting at one end, with a whipstitch. To sew a whipstitch, poke the end of the needle through the leather, about 1/8 inch away from the edge of the tear. Bring the end of the needle through the leather on the other side of the tear and then pull the thread tight, stopping at the knot in the end of the thread. Insert the end of the needle beside the initial stitch, looping the thread over the torn edges of the leather and repeat the stitch.


Step 6

Repeat this pattern until you have sewn the entire tear, removing the alligator clips as you work. Double back and repeat the process until you have sewn back to the initial stitch. This strengthens the repair, lessening the likelihood of the leather tearing again.

Step 7

Tie the thread as close to the leather as possible and cut the ends off, releasing the needle.

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