How to Hang a Mirror at an Angle

Mirrors can add visual interest to a room, brighten up a dark space and even make a room appear larger. Mirrors range in size, shape color and price. While some prefer simple, frameless mirrors in their homes, other opt for mirrors with more ornate frames or interesting shapes. Larger mirrors and frames can be more difficult to hang and require extra precaution to keep them from damaging walls. Most mirrors can be hung at any variety of angles to provide the desired effect in a room. Some may angle a mirror to enhance a certain shape, such as hanging a rectangular mirror sideways, or to have a certain effect in a room, such as hanging mirrors to reflect light in certain ways).

Hanging a mirror at different angles can have different effects on a room.

Step 1

Determine where you plan to hang the mirror and hold it on the wall at the angle you plan to hang it. Different angling of a mirror can shift the focus of a room. Mirrors that are angled down, for example, will put a focus on the floor or furniture below the mirror.

Step 2

Attach fasteners or hanging hardware to the back to the mirror. Most mirrors will come with the necessary parts. If the mirror came with hardware attached and doesn't work at the angle you're hanging the mirror, remove the hardware and reattach it in the proper location. Hardware should be securely attached to the back, top half of the mirror. Mirrors of different sizes can use different type of hardware, but a metal wire stretched between two fasteners is common and easy to hang.

Step 3

Attach a wedge to the back of the mirror if necessary so that the mirror will hang at the desired angle.

Step 4

Mark placement of wall mirror hangers with a pencil, using a level or ruler to ensure that the hangers will be placed evenly. Use two hangers to distribute the weight of the mirror and make it hang more securely.

Step 5

For large or heavy mirrors, drill a hole in the location you marked on the wall and insert an anchor for the mirror hangers to attach to. An anchor should fit flush with the wall and allow the screw used in the mirror hanger to fit tightly.

Step 6

Screw mirror hangers into the wall or anchors using a screwdriver. (Hangers for extremely lightweight or small mirrors may be nailed into the wall.)

Step 7

Attach mirror to hangers on wall. If a metal wire hanger was used on the mirror, stretch the wire between and attach to a hanger on each end.

Step 8

Slowly release the mirror so that it sits against the wall. Adjust the mirror so that it hangs at the desired angle. Adjust the wedge and placement of mirror hangers if necessary.