How to Calculate the Dimensions of a Corner Cabinet

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A corner cabinet is installed at an angle so the door faces straight out toward you.

Kitchen cabinets are often installed on intersecting walls to maximize the available space in the kitchen. When the cabinets on the wall meet at a corner, there is usually a corner cabinet pentagonal in shape that allows you to open the cabinet door just as you can with the other cabinets. Being able to take proper measurements of the corner cabinet is important if you're replacing or refinishing the cabinet.


Step 1

Sketch out the shape of the corner cabinet on a piece of paper so you can properly record the measurements. Look at the bottom edges of the cabinet to determine its exact shape.

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Step 2

Measure the depth of the cabinet by measuring the side edges of the cabinet from where it's attached to the side walls to the front of the cabinet, as well as a measurement from the corner of the wall straight across the cabinet to the front edge.


Step 3

Measure the front edge of the cabinet. Hold the tape measure against the bottom edge of the cabinet and not across the door.

Step 4

Measure the height of the cabinet from the top edge to the bottom edge. Measure down one of the rails on the edge of the cabinet and not over the door.


Step 5

Measure the sides of the cabinet that are attached to the wall by using the distance from the corner to the edges of the cabinet where it meets the adjoining cabinets.

Step 6

Calculate the surface area of the cabinet by multiplying the length and height of each side, then adding the surface area of each side together to determine the total surface area.

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