How to Attach the BEKVAM Spice Rack to a Wall

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Plastic wall anchors make it easy to install a lightweight item like the BEKVAM spice rack.
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The BEKVAM spice rack, manufactured and sold by IKEA, has a natural birch wood finish that owners can sand or stain as desired. Although the BEKVAM spice rack can sit flat on a kitchen counter surface, it also has two keyholes that allow you to hang it on a wall. Mounting the spice rack to the wall requires inserting a couple of screws into the wall in the appropriate places.


Step 1

Assemble the BEKVAM spice rack fully and then hold it up to the wall in the location where you wish to hang it. Reposition the rack as needed, ensuring that you have enough room above it to easily remove the spice bottles.

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Step 2

Make a small pencil mark on the wall to indicate the top edge of the spice rack. Place a small pencil mark on the wall at each side rail. Measure the distance from the edge of the side rail to the keyhole opening, and mark the screw placement this distance inside the side edge marks. Set the spice rack aside.


Step 3

Slide a stud finder over the two screw placement marks to determine if a wall stud is behind them. If a stud exists, no additional anchors are required. Hold a level horizontally against the wall to align the pencil marks accurately, adjusting the marks if necessary. Measure the distance on the spice rack from the top of the spice rack to the top of the keyhole opening. Adjust the screw placement marks so they are this distance below the mark that indicates top of the spice rack, maintaining the correct distance from the side edges.


Step 4

Insert a 1/4-inch diameter bit into a drill and place the drill bit against one of the screw placement marks. Press the trigger to create a 1-inch deep hole in the stud, if present. If no stud is present, drill deep enough to break through the wall. Repeat the process at the second placement mark.

Step 5

Insert the rounded end of a plastic anchor into the holes if there is no stud behind them. Push the anchors in with your fingers as far as possible, then lightly tap them the remainder of the way using a hammer. The top rim of the anchor should be flush with the wall surface.


Step 6

Place a 1-inch long wood screw into the stud hole or the wall anchor and tighten it using a power drill until only 1/4-inch of the head is exposed.

Step 7

Pick up the BEKVAM spice rack and hold it up to the wall. Feel the back of each side rail with your fingers to determine where the keyholes are, and then slide the keyholes over the exposed screw heads.

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