How to Cover an Outside Walkway With Pebbles and Adhesive

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Things You'll Need

  • String

  • Manual edger

  • Shovel

  • Steel edging

  • Hammer

  • Spikes

  • Landscaping fabric

  • Pebbles

  • Gravel adhesive

A new walkway can add beauty and function to your yard.

Many parts of your outdoor landscaping serve a few different purposes. One of these purposes might be to look attractive and spruce up the appearance of your home. The second purpose might be functional. For example, an outside walkway made of pebbles is sure to look wonderful, but you also need to stabilize it so that you can walk on it. You can do this by using a pathway or gravel adhesive.

Step 1

Mark the edges of the walkway using string.

Step 2

Slice into the soil with a manual edger and then dig out the trench down about 6 inches using a shovel.

Step 3

Place strips of steel edging along the sides of the walkway. Hammer in spikes along the edging for added security.

Step 4

Lay landscaping fabric all along the pathway and smooth it over the surface.

Step 5

Pour your pebbles onto the landscaping fabric. The pebbles should come up to the top of the steel edging.

Step 6

Apply gravel adhesive to the pebbles following the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Usually, the adhesive is applied over the pebbles, and then mixed in when the pebbles are raked. Some adhesives, however, need to be added to the gravel in a mixer and then dumped onto the driveway.

Step 7

Spread the pebbles and adhesive using a rake. Once the adhesive dries, the pebbles will be locked in place and your path will be stabilized.


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