Englander Pellet Stove Problems

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The Englander pellet stove is a traditional wood pellet burning stove.

Englander pellet stoves are freestanding pellet burning stoves that can be maintained by the average homeowner. England's Stove Works, the manufacturer, provides comprehensive manuals and troubleshooting guides for pellet stoves, as well as a dedicated technical support line.


Keeping your Englander pellet stove clean and free from ash build-up is one of the keys to efficient working of the stove. Allowing ash to build up in your stove will reduce the efficiency of the unit and hamper the airflow and can also cause smoke backup.

Common Error Codes

Error codes are alpha-numeric codes that appear on the control board and indicate a fault within your pellet stove. Code "E-2" indicates a failure to light, code "E-3" is known as over-firing and indicates that the exhaust temperature has been exceeded and code "E-4" signifies a drop in exhaust temperature. Code "E-4" is generally displayed when the hopper feed is empty. Code "E-1" is not in general use on the Englander pellet stove and, if it should be displayed, will be a false code readout that will require the assistance of the technical support team. If the control panel displays code "E-0," this means that the machine is working normally.

Error Code E-2

If error code "E-2" is displayed on your Englander pellet stove, it indicates a failure to light. You can rectify this if you allow the unit to cool down, clean the burnpot and then re-light the stove.


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