Proper Extension Cord for a Refrigerator

When moving into a home, you may find that the number and placement of electrical outlets may not be exactly suited to your particular needs. In fact, many people need extension cords to power everyday items, such as a refrigerator.

Many different extension cords are available for varying purposes.


An extension cord connects a permanently attached electrical cord to a more distant outlet. Extension cords differ for each type of application, varying in gauge, or wire thickness, voltage, and current capabilities.


A heavy duty extension cord is necessary with a refrigerator cord. Typically, the cord will state its rating for 125 volts, 15 amperes for the current rating, and a 14 gauge wire.


Keep in mind that an improper extension cord, such as a thinner gauged cord, can cause a fire hazard. Verify the cord before purchasing and make sure that it is used with the intended appliance to prevent any electrical dangers.