How Often Do You Water Poinsettia Plants?

A common holiday plant, the poinsettia produces large red leaves that encircle the tiny yellow flowers of the plant. The plant is difficult to raise in the home environment once it has been removed from the commercial greenhouse but it can be maintained through the holiday season.

The colorful leaf bracts of a poinsettia.

Watering Requirements

Water the poinsettia when it feels dry to the touch. Pour water over the soil and wait for it to run freely through the bottom of the container. Once the water begins to run out of the holes in the bottom of the pot, cease watering the poinsettia.


A poinsettia will wilt quickly if it does not receive adequate water. This can result in the leaves and flowers of the plant falling off. Water the plant thoroughly if it wilts. Water the plant again after about five minutes to make sure the plant has absorbed enough water, according to the Ohio State University.


A poinsettia that is exposed to full sunlight and low humidity will require more water to maintain its overall health. Never allow the poinsettia pot to sit in standing water or root rot will result. Remove the foil that is often wrapped around the poinsettia's pot or poke holes in it so the water can drain freely from the pot.