Home Safety

Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguisher graphic.
Small apartment red fire extinguisher safety by window in New York City NYC urban Bronx, Brooklyn brick housing, guard rail, security bars
Jewery crystal jar with picture frame and flowers on table
Schematic of air exchanger.
mountain fire
Landscaping a "defensible space" may slow the spread of wildfires
Mad Robin
man install outdoor surveillance ip camera for home security
top view collection of cleaning supplies
Elegant window security bars.
Man finding bat droppings in loft space of old building prior to redevelopment, Norfolk, UK
Toilet with grab bars.

Grab Bar Installation

Woman in kitchen, turning off gas cooker, towel to face
Stairs leading to craftsman house
Asbestos test kit.
mold on wall
Hands checking the connections of electrical cables
Old, damaged roof shingles
Hand pushing buttons on alarm system
Plug and electrical outlet, (Close-up)
Smoke coming in under door
Sleeping baby
tungsten view of bubbles expelled in the water
Duct tape
Close-up of flames
sheets tied to create a rope out of a window
Household ionizing air filter
Young man looking in microwave window, side view
Front door handle
Burning logs in fire
Close-up of plumbing outdoors