Home Hacks & Answers

Garden with stone landscaping
A garden retaining wall made of interlocking blocks
a stone retaining wall with stone steps
White home with Spanish-style roof, green grass lawn, concrete driveway with wooden gate
A mediterranean style home with a concrete driveway and a minimalist yard
A white garage with a Spanish-style roof, a concrete driveway that is next to a wooden deck
White home with large overhanging eaves with white car in driveway
Modern black house with asymmetrical roof, concrete driveway, green trees in the front, street light
Stone steps in a lush garden
a concrete path surrounded by gravel, a light horizontal fence frames a garage
Black-eyed susans
brick driveway in a herringbone pattern by a Spanish-style home
a decorative brick garden path in a Spanish-style home's backyard
Garden with green plants and gravel
A stone path in the middle of a gravel walkway; a white southwestern-style home with a black awning

How to Make a Stepping Stone Path

outdoor plants with stone steps
a Spanish-style home with a white brick wall at the entrance
Garden wall with herbs
flagstone stairs
White Vinyl Fence
Black French doors on a white Mediterranean styled home with plants and trees
A back courtyard with two flowerbeds filled with green plants; a white concrete fence in a Spanish style surrounds the garden
A green greenhouse in a backyard with a wood fence and wood dining table
Gravel Patio and Outdoor Furniture
Row of Houses in Uptown Chicago
Exterior of large midcentury home
A dog sitting on outdoor rugs with red Adirondack chairs behind
side door to wooden house
concrete slab in the backyard, a horizontal wood fence, orange pots, large trees in the background
White Picket Fence Before House
White Fence
a paver patio with black and white outdoor patio chairs, a white privacy fence with evenly spaced small green trees

Backyard Landscaping Tips

benches on a wooden patio
a ranch house with a metal fence surrounding the upper deck
Ranch style white home with a large tree and a flowerbed with a wood retaining wall in the front
a white house with minimalistic landscaping