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Spanish-style home with large tree in the front and green grass
Xeriscaped Front Yard with Dry Creek Bed
a freshly mowed green yard with two blue lawn chairs; a cedar fence surrounds the yard
A bedroom with folding glass doors opens up to a backyard with a wood patio, wood horizontal fence, a table with five black chairs and a sofa with a coffee table; green grass and various green plants are planted
a gray house with a flat roof and a backyard with evenly spaced, modern concrete rectangular steps, various green plants and a table with three chairs
Suan Luang Rama IX Public Park
A garden with mulch and a few green plants, a patio with chairs and a table, a fence surrounded by lush trees and shrubs
front yard flower bed with plants and rocks
Molinia caerulea 'Variegata' on the flower bed
New Pine Bark Mulch Landscaped Footpath Flagstones
a side yard of a modern home with a pea gravel patio, white mid-century modern patio furniture
Large cacti on gravel with a white garden wall
A garden with green succulent plants in gravel
a blue ranch house with a red door, desert plants in the front landscaping
A black and white modern home and a garden
On a spring day within Mecklenburg Vorpommern, magnolia trees blossom with pink and white flowers.
Privacy hedges on top of a brick half wall; three bicycles lean against the wall
Exterior of a home, white brick wall, shrub with pink flowers, a skinny tree on the opposite side of the brick wall
white craftsman home with green grass and some evergreen shrubs
a regal white house with black door, a long concrete path with evenly spaced green hedges that are well manicured
pool on a concrete patio surrounded by privacy hedges and a hydrangea shrub
a backyard of a Spanish-style home with hexagon Terracotta pavers, two gray outdoor couches, two black patio chairs, a white, round coffee table, string lights, large privacy hedges
A mid-century gray ranch house with a flat roof, tall trees and hedges in the front landscaping
A one-story brown cabin with several trees surrounding it
A second-story gravel patio with two black butterfly chairs, all surrounded by many trees
Wide exterior shot of a 1940 style bungalow style house in Portland Oregon.
Blossoming wisteria tree covering up a facade of a house in Notting Hill, London
a courtyard by a home with large, curved windows, a picnic table, and a very large tree are seen

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concrete paver patio, black patio furniture with white cushions, white privacy fence with small green trees evenly spaced apart
A grill with firewood surrounded by plants and trees on a patio
New Mulch Behind Landscaped Garden Terrace Wall
A sloped backyard with concrete steps, stone landscape edging, a large black pot with an evergreen tree
mid-century home with palm trees, minimalist flower bed with cactus and other green plants
outdoor swimming pool in garden
a white Spanish-style multi-family home with an exterior staircase, a curved window, a variety of green plants in a landscape bed with gravel