We've Found the Best Items at Restoration Hardware Right Now

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Those with a taste for the finer things in life are likely already aware of the luxury designs at Restoration Hardware. But even diehard RH enthusiasts will be surprised (and delighted) by the store's most recent arrivals. This season, the brand is boldly merging styles of the past with contemporary sensibilities, and the results are stunning. From the refinement of the 1930s to the glamour of the 1970s — like Art Deco lamps and shiny gold finishes — these pieces take what we love most about long ago looks and update them for the modern home.

Graydon Shagreen Platform Bed

Ensure a solid slumber with this sturdy Graydon Shagreen Platform Bed ($2,995).

Harlow Crystal Table Lamp

Cast rainbows on even the darkest of days with this Harlow Crystal Table Lamp ($1,395).

Venetian Beaded Mirror

Hang a Venetian Beaded Mirror ($295) to reflect the rest of your luxurious tastes.

Graydon Shagreen Plinth Square Coffee Table

Create a solid foundation for your living room with this Graydon Shagreen Plinth Square Coffee Table ($2,395).

Graydon Shagreen Narrow Closed Nightstand

This Graydon Shagreen Narrow Closed Nightstand ($1,095) would balance out colorful bedding.

Altman Fabric Chair

Place a Altman Fabric Chair ($1,895) in your bedroom for an unexpected side chair.

Reve Rug

A neutral Reve Rug ($1,895) would match any existing furnishings in your home.

Enameled Brass Bowls

Dress up any surface with a group of Enameled Brass Bowls ($65).

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