This Is the One Food Hack You Need for Outdoor Gatherings

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Now that the summer season is officially here, many are dreaming of outdoor gatherings. Whether than involves a cookout with your friends or an al fresco dinner with family, food is a must. The only problem: How do you keep your cold food at the right temperature when you can't control the weather? Of course, there's a hack for that.


Video of the Day

Courtesy of @alifebetterorganized on TikTok, we now know how to keep our food cool when eating outside is involved. All you need are at least two disposable aluminum foil pans — with one pan being able to fit inside the other.

To start, simply fill the larger aluminum pan with water. Then, pop it in the freezer until the water turns to ice. In your smaller aluminum pans, add the food you'd like to keep cold. Once you're ready to serve, take the ice-filled pan out of the freezer and put the food-filled smaller pans in the larger tray on top of the ice.


Thanks to the tray filled with ice on the bottom, your food will stay at the perfect temperature. And when the ice melts, you can simply refill it. Plus, to prevent waste, once you're done with the disposable pan, simply pour out the water and save the tray for next time. Or, better yet, you can utilize reusable pans you already have around the house.

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