This Dishwasher Hack Is Hiding in Plain Sight

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Appliances like dishwashers were designed to make our lives more efficient, but there are plenty of hacks that can take this ease to the next level. For instance, we'll never forget about the dishwasher aluminum trick that makes your silverware look brand new. And now, we have another hack that will make it easier for you to make room for tall glasses and thermoses


Video of the Day

According to In The Know, this particular dishwasher hack took off after TikTok user @motherofgretnadragons tested out a video by @lifehackdad. In the latter's clip, it shows the TikToker pulling out the top dishwasher rack and pinching two plastic tabs on either side of the shelf. This causes the rack to slide a few inches down, making more room for your dishes.

User @motherofgretnadragons did the same with their dishwasher and found that the hack worked beautifully. "Life changing! How have I used a dishwasher this long and didn't know?" reads the video caption.


However, it's important to note that not all dishwashers have this handy feature. "When your dishwasher is too old and doesn't have the fancy things," reads one comment. Another says, "RUNS TO DISHWASHER only to be disappointed." If you're unsure about whether or not your dishwasher can do this, make sure to read the manual.


This comment is also worth taking note of: "PSA: Make sure the wash arm still spins! Ours does something similar, but when it's in the lower set the wash arm gets stuck on plates." Definitely something to keep an eye on if your dishwasher has the ability to make room for tall glasses.

The takeaway: Always read the manual to figure out all your appliance's helpful features.


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