This Easy Hack Will Make Your Scuffed Up Pyrex Look Brand New

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If you love shopping for vintage cookware, you've likely come across plenty of scuffed up Pyrex dishes. You might have even passed on certain items because of the marks. But thankfully, Instagram user @vintagebarandkitchen has discovered the perfect solution to that problem.


Video of the Day

As it turns out, all you need is a product called Peek. It's a multi-purpose polish that removes scuff marks so well, you'd almost think it's magic. Case in point: In a recent video, @vintagebarandkitchen shows us a yellow Pyrex bowl covered in scuff marks. They also demonstrate how hot soapy water and scrubbing fails to remove said marks.


But when the user decides to wipe Peek onto the bowl, the scuffs literally disappear. They finish by rinsing the bowl under running water, which reveals a shiny, scuff-free piece that looks good as new.

BTW, if you're unfamiliar with Peek, it's a polishing cream that can be used on metal, fiberglass, ceramic tile, granite, marble, plastics, and porcelain — just to name a few materials. It's also safe for use on food products, according to the item's Amazon page.


However, it's worth noting that this trick only works for marks ​on top​ of the paint. As @vintagebarandkitchen notes on Instagram, "If there are scratches through the paint, with the paint missing, that can't be fixed, unfortunately. But Peek works great for getting off metal, utensil, [or] scuff marks that a regular washing cannot."


You can buy a tube of Peek on Amazon for about $10.

Other ways to remove scuff marks on Pyrex:

Although Peek gets high praise from Pyrex collectors, it's not the only option.

According to Instagram users, the following products can also remove scuff marks from Pyrex:

Always test a cleaner on an inconspicuous spot before applying it all over. Better safe than sorry!