This Sam's Club Mirror Is the Ultimate Anthropologie Dupe

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Image Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images News/GettyImages
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When it comes to home decor, there are few items more covetable than the famous Gleaming Primrose Mirror from Anthropologie. The only catch? The piece ranges between $548 – $1,598, so it's not exactly cheap. But luckily, there are many dupes from other retailers, including Target and Wayfair.


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And now, it appears we can add Sam's Club to that list. According to a recent post by Instagram user @samsclubmembers, the warehouse is offering a piece called the Azalea Park Gold Metal Filigree Floor Mirror. The item, which is 72 inches high by 36 inches wide, is a more narrow dupe of the famed Anthropologie mirror.

Plus, it's only $149.99, which is a fraction of the real thing. But take note: At the time of writing, it looks like the mirror is only available at select warehouses in Texas and California. However, given the popularity of the piece, we're hoping it will arrive at other stores soon.


That being said, it's worth keeping tabs on its official product page here. If the item arrives at your local Sam's Club, the options for shipping, pickup, and/or delivery should (hopefully) change. Fingers crossed!


Where else can you find Anthropologie mirror dupes?

If the mirror isn't yet available at your local warehouse, you can still get the look. Check out our list of Anthropologie Primrose mirror dupes for similar pieces in different colors and sizes.

Can you make a DIY version?

Another option is to make a DIY version of the popular mirror. For example, in our copycat Anthropologie Primrose mirror tutorial, we used gold spray paint and decorative wood appliques to create the filigree design. The pieces were adhered to an arched mirror, which was also painted gold.

This option may be ideal if you love the vintage-inspired details, but want a different finish. It will also cost ​much​ less than store-bought versions, which is always a win.