The Color and Design Trends You Can Expect to See in 2023

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We might just be halfway through 2022, but the color connoisseurs over at Dunn-Edwards are already looking ahead to 2023 with the release of their 2023 Color + Design Trends earlier this week. These trends include a thoughtful collection of four distinct color palettes — Live in Joy, Liberated Nomad, Well Intentions, and Life in Poetry — that blend elements of the past, present, and future in an effort to reflect the major themes that are driving our world forward.


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"We are rebounding from difficult times with a flood of creative expressions that provide escape, connection, comfort, and survival — all at once — inspiring us to design new spaces that pull from the best of everything ever," says Sara McLean, Color Expert and Stylist at Dunn-Edwards, in a press release.

"Joy and optimism fill our souls as survival mechanisms in the world of today," she continues. "The color palettes of the four stories capture changing behaviors, emotional states, and lifestyles. Warm chromatics dominate, echoing our optimism and the influence of space exploration. High-impact and nostalgic colors make a joyful comeback, earthy and vegetal shades delve into the mysteries of nature, and delicate neutrals give us space to imagine and reflect."


The four palettes are as follows:

Live in Joy

Including the key colors Kinetic Energy, Razzle Dazzle, and Lemon Punch, this palette takes optimism to the extreme. Inspired by winter sports, this trend is all about bold colors like the Energy Orange accent wall seen below, and innovative materials that set an energetic tone while harkening to the '80s.


Liberated Nomad

This palette looks to the past with a fusion of arts, folklore, Baroque, and industrial influences, composed of key colors Red-y for Fun, Malachite Green, and Summer Night. The serene office space pictured nods to these influences with the Midnight Blush setting the mood.


Well Intentions

This collection of hues — with key colors Clean Slate, Bourbon Sweet Tea, and Grassy Knoll — reflects the duality of earth-friendly living and the extraterrestrial through innovative materials and organic shapes, blending the natural with the artificial. Mink is used below to bring a sleek look and feel to this living room.


Life in Poetry

Infused with lazy summertime vibes, nostalgia, and a sense of bric-a-brac craftwork, this cheerful color trend is composed of key colors Pink Glamour, Grapevine, and Lemon Gelato. The sunny living room seen here uses a combination of Aloe Plant and Grapevine to create a bright and poppy space.

As part of the unveiling of these trends, Dunn-Edwards has released an animated video and digital series from the point of view of an architect envisioning the lives of his clients. Check it out and explore these trends further here.