Costco's New Celebration Cake Is a Colorful 3-Pound Treat

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By now, we all know that the famous New York cheesecake brand Junior's and Costco are a match made in dessert heaven. This year alone, the two companies have teamed up to release a strawberry shortcake cheesecake, key lime pie cheesecake, and tiramisu cheesecake. To continue with this trend, Costco now has Junior's Celebration Layer Cake on its shelves.


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Coming in at 44 ounces — almost three pounds! — the new treat is priced at $16.99, according to a photo @costcohotfinds' posted on Instagram. According to the packaging, the item features "rainbow layers of vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, and rainbow sprinkles." Specifically, the ​entire​ cake is covered in rainbow sprinkles.


"It's the prettiest cake!!!" @costcohotfinds wrote. "It's a celebration sprinkle cake at Costco! This would be a huge hit anywhere!" In the comments, many people tagged their loved ones and suggested that this cake would be perfect for a kid's birthday party or baby shower. Also, this new dessert was released just in time for Pride Month!


As for how the cake tastes ... "Honestly, the icing was terrible," reads one comment. "The sprinkles were good, but couldn't save the icing. The cake didn't taste bad." In other words, this cake would be great for an Instagram photo, but you might want to have a backup dessert just in case.

To make sure that your nearby store has the cake in stock, make sure to call Costco to check for product availability. You can also sign up for a membership here.

How to make rainbow layer cake at home:

If you can't find this cake at your local Costco or would prefer to make it yourself, there are recipes out there that will guide you on your sweet journey. For instance, Sims Home Kitchen has Rainbow Layer Cake With Sprinkles recipe that includes both rainbow sprinkles on the outside and rainbow layers on the inside.