Martha Stewart's Egg Hack Will Change How You Eat Your Guac

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If you love pairing eggs with avocado, you'll want to try Martha Stewart's fave guac recipe. It calls for chopped hardboiled eggs — plus cherry tomatoes, onions, and cilantro — and honestly, we can't wait to try it.


Video of the Day

Earlier this month, Stewart shared the guacamole recipe on TikTok. People were flabbergasted that she added hardboiled eggs, exclaiming that the ingredient doesn't belong in guac. "No eggs in guacamole!" commented one user.

But here's the thing — eggs ​do​ have place in guacamole, at least in some parts of the world. "In El Salvador, Nicaragua, and a few other South American countries, they use egg [in guacamole]," shared one commenter. Another person noted, "This how we do it in Central American culture."


In other words, hardboiled eggs in guacamole is a thing! It's a traditional part of South and Central American cuisine. Even then, there are different variations of the dish depending on the region; that's the beauty of food.


What's more, Stewart enjoys the combo ... it's that simple. In response to the shocked comments, Stewart released another TikTok video stating, "You ask why hardboiled eggs are in my guacamole? 'Cause I like it!" Preach, Martha.

She goes on to add that not only does it taste good, but she has 300 chickens laying eggs everyday. Therefore, adding the ingredient to guacamole is an easy way to use them up. (Personally, if we had that many chickens, we'd probably be eating eggs with absolutely everything.)


To make Stewart's go-to guac recipe, check it out right here.

Avocado and egg shortcuts:

Instead of actually boiling eggs, try steaming them instead. This hack for making perfect hardboiled eggs will cook them more evenly. Plus, as the steam penetrates the egg, it will make the shell easier to remove.


You can also try Rachael Ray's trick for quickly dicing avocados. Simply place a wire rack on top of a large bowl, then push the avocado flesh through the rack. If you have a hard time mashing avocados due to mobility issues, this technique could be useful.

BTW, it's worth noting that the wire rack trick also works for hardboiled eggs. Done and done.


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