Matriarchy Build Connects You to Women and LGBTQ+ Home Improvement Pros

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"I know a guy" is typically what people say when recommending professionals for home improvement help. Matriarchy Build wants to change that.


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Founded by Lacey Soslow and Gabriella Ainslie, and launched on May 17, Matriarchy Build is a tele-DIY platform that is queer, Latinx, and women-owned. Essentially, it's like telehealth — where you talk to a doctor over video from the comfort of your home — but for home projects you need advice on. This can include plumbing, electric work, flooring, carpentry, and design.

When you need assistance, simply connect with a certified expert in a real-time video. On each pro's page, you'll find more information about what services they offer, in addition to how much a consultation costs. For instance, Schannon Y. (aka That Tile Chick) charges $50 for a 25-minute one-on-one and $100 for 55 minutes.


It also doesn't matter if you're a beginner. The pros will meet you where you're at without patronizing language or industry terms you won't understand. There's no mansplaining here.

In addition to increasing the presence of women and LGBTQ+ professionals in the home improvement space, Matriarchy Build also aims to foster a community. On the platform, users can communicate with one another as they learn new skills and share information. So in addition to being a platform for home help, the site can also serve as a support system.

If you're interested in joining the Matriarchy Build community, you can sign up here and find a pro here. You can also apply to be a pro here.


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