Mayo Mousse Is a Thing, and Feelings Are Very Mixed

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Mayonnaise is one of the most divisive condiments out there — especially if you mix it with ketchup. But despite the haters, many still love the creamy dressing and even use mayo for tasks around the house. However, this condiment appears to have gotten even more controversial now that Heinz released a "Mayo Mousse" in certain countries.


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Amsterdam-based Instagram user @cravingsinamsterdam recently posted about the new product, which is described as "deliciously delicate" on its packaging. Essentially, the Mayo Mousse is mayonnaise inside a whipped cream-like can that allows you to spray out swirls of mayo.

As you can imagine, commenters were divided. "I'm sickened to my core," wrote one user, who also tagged two of their friends. "I don't know about this one," said another. Yet, quite a few commenters were interested in giving the Mayo Mousse a try. "Oooh I want to try this!" one replied, tagging a friend in the process. At least one thing is universal: Everyone wants their friends to know Mayo Mousse exists.


An Instagram user suggested that Mayo Mousse would be great with French fries: "Oh yeah — with French fries; miss that so much." On TikTok, one person skipped right past food and, referring to how some use mayo to give their locks a dose of moisture, asked, "Is it for your hair?"

Unfortunately (or fortunately for some), Mayo Mousse currently appears to only be available in the Netherlands. In fact, one TikTok commenter wrote, "This is so Dutch." So if you're a fan of mayo but live in another country, you'll have to stick with the old-fashioned kind in a jar for now.