The Swedish Secret to Saving Water During a Shower

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Swedish company Orbital Systems created the Orbital Shower to show people that they can make a difference while taking a shower. As water becomes increasingly scarce, it's important that we all consider more efficient uses of the H2O in our home — that's where the Orbital Shower comes into play.


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The Orbital Shower saves up to 90% of the water we use during a shower and 80% of the energy. Inspired by NASA's Mars mission, the shower utilizes a recycling system that acts as a mini waste water treatment plant. Here's how it works:

  1. The water flows from the pipe to the showerhead.
  2. A drain sensor then checks 20 times per second to see if the water quality is sufficient for cleaning. If it's not, it goes back down the drain.
  3. If the water quality is suitable, it goes through a microfilter that strains out large particles like hair and skin. Another filter removes nanoparticles. (These filters are changed every 200 showers and can be digitally monitored on an app.)
  4. Ultraviolet light is used to kill harmful germs.
  5. The water passes through a heater until it reaches an acceptable shower temperature.
  6. The water is now ready for the next shower ​and​ is cleaner than most tap water.


The Orbital Shower is touted as the "most efficient shower system for saving water and energy in the world." The Swedes have truly come up with a genius solution for preventing water and energy waste in the bathroom.


It appears that the Orbital Shower can be shipped across the world (see the list of countries here). However, you might have to join a waiting list to see when the shower is available in your area.

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