This Trick Will Fix Your Ripped Aluminum Foil Roll in Seconds

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Many of us know what it's like to prepare a sheet of aluminum foil, only to have it rip and spiral around the roll. And while it might be tempting to continue pulling the foil to fix the problem, this usually tends to make things worse. Sound familiar? If so, you'll appreciate a hack inspired by TikTok user @creative_explained.


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All you need to do is scrunch up a piece of excess foil, then rub it across the stuck-on spiraled portion. This will effectively rip it up, allowing you to continue pulling the foil with ease. That's all there is to it.

It's worth noting that @creative_explain's version is a bit different. They used a big ball of foil and scrubbed across the entire length of the roll. However, we tried the hack — and we can confirm that a small ball will work just fine. Most importantly, you can just scrub the stuck-on part, which will produce significantly less waste.


Of course, using silicone mats (if you're baking) or beeswax wraps (if you're covering food) is the most sustainable option. But when you do need to use aluminum foil, this trick can save the day. Besides, it sure beats trying to peel off thin layers of foil.


What to do with aluminum foil scraps:

After a roll of foil rips and spirals, you'll likely be left with awkward-shaped pieces. Here's how you can put those scraps to good use:

  • Scrub stainless steel pots and pans with balls of foil
  • Sharpen scissors
  • Clean your grill grate
  • Place foil on pie crusts to prevent burning

Also, did you know that aluminum foil boxes have a secret feature? As it turns out, the sides of the boxes have perforated cutouts that you can push in to create tabs. These tabs will hold the roll in place, making it easier to pull the roll.