This Hack for Hanging Odd-Shaped Items Is Pure Genius

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When it comes to wall decor, you can't go wrong with three-dimensional objects like trendy animal coat hooks. The only catch? Compared to flat picture frames, these items can be tricky to work with. More specifically, it can be difficult to gauge the correct placement of screws when hanging bulkier objects.


Video of the Day

But now, thanks to Instagram user @janissnell, we've learned an easy way to take on the task. She demonstrated the hack in a popular video, where she shows us how to hang a three-dimensional brass rabbit coat hook.

First, she places the base of a hook on a scanner, then prints out a black and white copy. This creates a "template" of the hook's holes. She then places the paper against the wall, allowing her to clearly see where the screws are supposed to go. Finally, she drills screws straight through the paper, then installs the rabbit hook. Done and done.


Granted, in order to do this hack, you'll need access to a printer with a copier and scanner. If you don't have one at home, you can recreate the trick with a piece of scrap paper. Simply place the paper against the base of the hook, then rub a pencil over the surface. This will create an impression, and ultimately, an instant template.


Of course, there's no right or wrong way to try this hack. Both techniques are brilliant and ​super​ useful!

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