Costco Just Released a Surprising New Cheese

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Need another reason to love Costco? The warehouse is now selling plant-based cheese from Babybel, a brand with a serious cult following. The product is also relatively new to the U.S., which makes the release even more exciting.


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Here's the deal: In January of this year, Babybel dropped its dairy-free cheese in the U.K, according to ​Veg News.​ But as of last month, the product finally landed in the U.S., as noted by the official press release on PR News Wire. Dreams really do come true.

According to the Babybel, its non-dairy cheese has a "soft, smooth, and creamy texture." It's also "crafted to taste like mozzarella cheese and offers a good source of calcium and B12," according to the press release. Additionally, like the original Babybel cheese, the non-dairy product is also wrapped in the brand's iconic wax coating, but in green.


The only catch? Babybel's mini plant-based cheese is currently available at select Costco stores in the Southeast. But given the popularity of non-dairy cheese (and Babybel), we're hopeful that it will appear at other Costco locations soon. The official press release also mentions "expanded availability to come throughout 2022." So, fingers crossed!


Other places to buy plant-based Babybel cheese:

If you don't live in the Southeast, you can still try the new cheese. According to the press release on PR News Wire, it's also sold at Whole Foods, Sam's Club, and Fresh Thyme. You can also search for products by location using Babybel's store locator tool.

What is plant-based Babybel cheese made of?

According to the brand's website, the plant-based Babybel cheese is made of water, modified food starch, coconut oil, calcium citrate, and small amounts of salt, citric acid, natural flavor, vitamin B12, and beta-carotene for color. (Beta-carotene is a plant pigment that gives produce like carrots their orange hue.