This New Suitcase Doubles as a Bedside Table

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For many, one of the worst parts of traveling is having to unpack all your belongings ... and then repack them a few days or weeks later. After all, there's always the fear that you're going to lose an item in the process. To remove this issue from the equation, 25-year-old British designer Mark Mitchell created a suitcase that can be used as a bedside table.


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According to DesignTAXI, the piece of carry-on luggage has a traditional suitcase design, but comes equipped with a drawer with built-in organizers and a light in the handle.

"I've noticed a lot of travelers awkwardly live out of their suitcases," Mitchell wrote on Instagram. "We tend to keep things in and around our luggage rather than settling comfortably into our room. Here's a design for those people."


Rather than worrying about unpacking, repacking, and potentially forgetting one of your possessions, this suitcase essentially acts as a travel-ready piece of furniture. We also love that it comes with a light, drawer, and enough space on top so that you can actually use the item as a table. Based on photos, it appears that the suitcase also has a feature that holds your phone charger. Perhaps you can even charge your phone using the case's external battery pack?

There is no word yet on when or where you can buy this handy suitcase, so make sure to follow Mitchell to keep up with the designer's offerings. You can also shop their current products here.