A Surprising Number of Americans Buy Decor Because of Home Embarrassment

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Social media can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to home inspiration. On one hand, we love looking at other people's abodes for ideas on how to make our own the best it can be. On the other hand, seeing these posts can make us feel pressured to create our own trendy dream spaces.


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According to a new survey conducted by MoneyWise, a money management app, 92% of Americans admit that their Instagram feed has influenced their home design. This survey featured 1,088 participants including both homeowners and aspiring homeowners in the United States, and people ages 18 to 76. Out of those who participated, 53.9% identified as men, 45.1% identified as women, and roughly 1% identified as nonbinary or nonconforming.


Interestingly, three in four Americans feel pressured to buy pricey home decor so they can keep up with their social circles. Even more shocking: 48% of people have bought more decor so they wouldn't feel embarrassed by their home. As for those who have actually achieved their dream aesthetic, they spent an average of $33,894 to get the look. Homeowners spent even more: an average of $35,731.


Over the last year alone, survey participants stated that they spent, on average, $3,310 on home decor. Those who were influenced by social media spent a whopping 62% more than those who were not digitally swayed.

Aside from buying decor, respondents tried other solutions for getting rid of their home embarrassment:

  • 44% hired a cleaning service
  • 37% spent money on home repairs
  • 32% hired a professional decorator
  • 31% sold their home
  • 31% rented or bought a nicer home (or plan to in the future)
  • 27% upgraded appliances

Again, while social media can provide a healthy dose of inspiration, if it makes you feel not-so-great about your current living situation, it might be best to log off.