This Charming $20 Birdhouse Looks Like an Actual Plant

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If you're looking for ways to decorate your garden while supporting wildlife, consider buying a birdhouse. Not only will it will provide a safe space for your winged friends, but it doubles as decor too. The only catch? Many birdhouses on the market are quite plain and boring.


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Enter Lowe's, where you can now buy birdhouses that look like oversized succulents. Yes, really! The birdhouses, which are made of resin, are painted to look like realistic plants. They're also available in three colorways: purple, green, and multicolored. The multicolored option is even adorned with tiny succulents, which is super sweet.


Each birdhouse has a perch for birds to land on. There's also a strand of twine attached to the back, allowing you to hang it up in on a tree or your fence. Alternatively, if you don't have a yard, you can hang the birdhouse on your patio or deck.

Needless to say, these painted succulent birdhouses are perfect if you love items that are both functional and beautiful. And if you don't live near Lowe's? The birdhouses can be ordered online, too.


Now, excuse us while we rush to Lowe's. Happy bird watching!

Other ways to attract birds to your yard:

In addition to installing a birdhouse or five, the following methods will help make your outdoor space more welcoming for birds:


  • Choose native plants, which provide food for birds and other animals.
  • Get rid of invasive plants.
  • Avoid using insecticides.
  • Install a birdbath and birdfeeder.
  • Leave out nesting materials, like grass clippings and pet hair.
  • Display nesting boxes.

If you're the handy type, you can also try making your own birdhouse. For example, our modern birdhouse DIY is ideal if you prefer more minimalist looks. This option is great if your outdoor space is already styled in a specific theme.