IKEA's New Collection Is All About Midsommar

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Starting on Friday, June 24, Swedish communities will begin celebrating Midsommar to welcome in the summer season. And since IKEA is a Swedish company, you better believe the brand will be observing the holiday in style. Specifically, it will be releasing a three-piece Midsommar (which means "flower" in Swedish) collection called Blomma.


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On June 24, the Blomma line will be released in the U.S., but only for a limited time and for certain people. Until June 26, existing and new IKEA Family members will be able to enter to win items from the Blomma collection — while supplies last — at their local IKEA store.

You're probably wondering: How do you become an IKEA Family member? Fortunately, it's free, and all you have to do is sign up here to get in on IKEA Family discounts and perks.


Below, you can take a peak at the new Midsommar line and learn more about each item.

1. The Blomma Hat

A bucket hat featuring the elderflower, a staple found in many Midsommar drinks.


2. The Blomma Bag

On this tote, you'll find iconic Midsommar symbols: elderflowers, flower wreaths, and summer sunshine.


3. The Blomma Shirt

To take your love of the elderflower to the next level.


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