Costco Is Now Selling a 2-in-1 Planter for a Sweet Deal

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Costco's gardening section continues to bloom and provide us with products designed to make spring gardening a breeze. On the @costcodeals Instagram page, we found one of our favorite plant deals yet: a two-in-one planter that allows you to grow both strawberries and mint. Mojito, anyone?


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Priced at $19.99 — though, a commenter revealed that their local Costco is selling the item for $11.99 — the strawberry-mint planter measures 12 inches in diameter and comes in a red pot. In other words, you don't have to worry about growing these beauties yourself — simply reap the rewards of the strawberry and mint plants that have already sprouted.


In fact, several commenters warn against re-planting mint. "Mint spreads like wildfire, so I would keep it in the pot, and as long as you trim down the strawberries every year and keep them damp, they will keep coming back every year as well!" one user advises.


How to make a strawberry-mint mojito:

If you end up purchasing this two-in-one planter and want to make use of it, try this strawberry mojito recipe from Vanilla and Bean. It takes only 10 minutes to whip up with lime, white or light rum, club soda, strawberries, and a mint simple syrup.

For a non-alcoholic version, try this 10-minute strawberry mocktail recipe from Salt & Baker. In place of rum, this drink uses Sprite.


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Of course, make sure you check for product availability before heading over to your local Costco. You can also sign up for a membership here.