Someone Invented a Cereal Specifically for Orange Juice, but Why?!

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In today's news we don't fully understand, Tropicana created a cereal that can be paired with orange juice. Perhaps, in the past, you've considered eating cereal with OJ when you ran out of milk, but honestly, we'd rather eat the cereal on its own than partake in this orange-y option. But to each their own!


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According to ​Food & Wine​, on May 4, Tropicana is releasing a cereal that you can pair with orange juice to celebrate National Orange Juice Day. Called Tropicana Crunch, the product contains honey-almond clusters that are meant to complement the flavor of OJ. It's also granola-based because, apparently, the breakfast food can withstand orange juice's acidity better than your average cereal flakes.


In addition, inside the Tropicana Crunch box, you will find a paper straw that will allow you to drink up any orange juice left inside your bowl. Yum?

Of course, the brand suggests using its Tropicana Pure Premium juice with the new cereal.

If your curiosity is getting the best of you, you can purchase the orange juice-ready cereal on on May 4. The brand will also be giving away free boxes while supplies last.