No Removable Showerhead? This Hack Will Change How You Clean Shower Walls

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If you don't have a removable showerhead, rinsing the walls after cleaning can be a pain. One common solution is to fill a bucket or cup with water, pour it on the walls, and call it a day. The only problem? This method can make the water splash backward, leaving your clothes totally soaked.


Video of the Day

Enter an easy trick from TikTok user and professional cleaner @vanesamaro91. In a recent video, she uses an empty yogurt container to rinse shower walls. But instead of pouring the water, she places the container's opening flat against the wall.

As she slides the container across the wall, the water drips down, effortlessly rinsing away soap and other cleaning solutions. What's more, this technique uses less water than the pouring method, which is always a plus in our book.


Many TikTok users gave the trick two thumbs up, noting that they've been using this trick years. Others were stoked to discover the hack, and honestly, we can't blame them. "You just changed my life!" said one TikTok user. "Thanks for sharing [this] brilliant idea," commented another user, adding that they always have to change their clothes after using the pouring technique.


Needless to say, it might be time to save and reuse those empty yogurt containers.

Other shower cleaning tips:

For some people, holding a plastic container up against the wall might feel physically uncomfortable. In this case, consider using a lightweight watering can or large sprayer bottle. Both methods work great, so it ultimately comes down your preference.

Don't forget to clean your showerhead, too. You can do this by soaking the fixture in vinegar for one to two hours. This will help remove mineral deposits, leaving your showerhead looking good as new. The best part? This cleaning method can be used on non-detachable showerheads as well.