Aldi Has New Popcorn Flavors You've Never Had Before

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Image Credit: Matthew Horwood/Getty Images News/GettyImages

Calling all snack fans! Your movie nights are about to taste ​so​ much better. According to Instagram user @adventuresinaldi, Aldi is offering popcorn in two unexpected flavors: mozzarella tomato basil and jalapeño lime.


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The new products, which are available in the "Aldi finds" section of the grocery store, are super intriguing. For starters, the mozzarella tomato basil version is described as "savory tomato basil with creamy mozzarella flavors." Can you imagine this treat tossed with melted butter or olive oil? Yes, please.


Meanwhile, the jalapeño lime version offers a "kick of jalapeño heat with refreshing lime flavor," according to the packaging. But if you're sensitive to heat, don't worry — Aldi shoppers say that the popcorn isn't too spicy. It's said to be more similar to jalapeño lime tortilla chips instead.

Either way, we can't wait to try these new popcorn flavors at Aldi. According to the Aldi website, one 4-ounce bag costs just $1.79, though the price might vary by location.


How to make the new Aldi popcorn flavors:

As with many products at Aldi, these popcorn flavors are available for a limited time. So, if you're unable to find them, you can try the DIY route.

To make mozzarella tomato basil popcorn, toss plain popcorn with olive oil. Next, coat the popcorn with powdered mozzarella cheese, tomato powder, and dried basil. You can buy these ingredients online or specialty spice shops.

Similarly, to make jalapeño lime popcorn, you'll need to toss plain popcorn with olive oil, jalapeño powder, and lime zest. Or if you'd rather use fresh jalapeño peppers, try finely dicing a fresh pepper and cooking it in olive oil. Mix the jalapeño olive oil and lime zest with plain popcorn, then dig in.

For an extra kick, season your homemade jalapeño lime popcorn with chili powder. Yum!