This Cool New Product Will Spice Up Your Grilling Game

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Grilling season is ​finally​ around the corner, friends. In other words, it's time to tackle those grill repairs, spruce up the outdoor BBQ area, and stock up on spices galore. However, if you have a charcoal grill, you might be able to take it easy on the spices. That's because you can now buy seasoned charcoal, which flavors your food as it cooks.


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According to a press release on PR News Wire, Kingsford recently launched a collection of flavored charcoal briquets (blocks) made with real spices. When used in a grill, the briquets slowly release the spices, ultimately infusing your food with seasoned goodness.

The charcoal briquets are available in three flavors. There's garlic onion paprika, which is described as "a savory, caramelized flavor featuring an earthy base of garlic paired with the mildly sweet notes of onion and warmth of paprika."


The second variety is basil sage thyme, "a smooth, balanced flavor that channels a peppery blend of basil harmonized with mellow hits of herbaceous sage and earthy thyme." (Can you imagine these flavors with grilled potatoes? Yes, please.) The third option is cumin chili, "a bold, smoky flavor built on warm and hearty foundation of cumin with a spicy pick-me-up pop of chili heat."


If you already have charcoal on hand, you can still get in on the fun. All three versions are available as "Flavor Boosters," which can be added to pre-lit charcoal. Kingsford has also created wood pellets, which are designed for pellet grills.

Where to buy Kingsford flavored charcoals:

The flavored charcoal is available at hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. However, according to the press release, the items are sold at retailers nationwide — so they might also be available in some supermarkets or smaller hardware stores. Happy grilling!