Trader Joe's Fans Are Stoked About This Re-Released Treat

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You know a product is good when people are planning to stock up ​before​ it's widely available. Such is the case with Trader Joe's Portuguese custard tarts, which are starting to arrive in stores.


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If you've never heard of Portuguese custard tarts, you're in for a serious treat. The tarts, called pasteis de nata in Portuguese, are made of flaky puff pastries filled with a sweet pudding-like cream. They're a classic treat in Portugal, and honestly, they sound amazing.

But luckily, you don't need to hop on a plane to try the delicious pastry. For starters, the Trader Joe's version is imported from Portugal, according to the packaging. It also gets a two thumbs up from people who have actually eaten authentic pasteis de nata in Portugal, which is always a good sign.


"The crust was flaky and chewy, and the custard center was gooey and creamy — a bit like crème brûlée, with just the right amount of sweetness," said one Reddit user, when the pastry was first released last year. "[I] bought these last time they were in stores. Just popped [a tart] in the toaster oven with my morning toast," shared another shopper on Reddit, adding that they're amazing with coffee.


On that note, these pastries are seasonal, so they won't be around forever. Also, the item has just started to make its triumphant return, so it's not available at all Trader Joe's locations yet. If your store does have it in stock, you'll find it in the freezer section. One box contains four pieces and costs $2.99.


How to serve Portuguese custard tarts:

There's no doubt that the creamy tarts taste amazing on their own. But if you want to spruce things up, try the following ideas:

  • Sprinkle cinnamon and powdered sugar on top
  • Serve it with coconut whipped cream and fresh strawberries
  • Enjoy the tarts with wine for luxurious snack

Personally, we can't wait to try the tarts with a hot cup of joe.