This IKEA Table Hack Will Give Your Dining Room More Personality

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If there's one thing we will never get tired of, it's a clever IKEA hack. Whether than involves shoe cabinets or catios, we're here to be inspired by it all. The latest IKEA hack on our moodboards involves an amazing dining table transformation by TikTok user @laurenrobinson827.


Video of the Day

The video starts out with a black IKEA table that the creator found on Facebook Marketplace for $50. While we couldn't find the exact same version on the IKEA website, it does look similar to the $39.99 black Sandsberg table (which is even more affordable!).

Using a can of white spray paint, @laurenrobinson827 completely changes the entire color of the table, legs and all. Then, with tile spacers, they arrange individual square white tiles (which they hand-painted with geometric shapes, but more on that in a second) on the table in their desired formation. Most of the tiles are removed — except for one column, which appears to be used as a reference point — and tile adhesive is spread across the entire table.


Once the tiles are pressed into the adhesive, which is then left to dry, grout is mixed and added by hand. To scrape off the excess grout, @laurenrobinson827 uses a piece of cardboard. At this point, they realize that they should have painted the tiles ​after​ applying the grout, so that the paint would not chip. That's why they end up having to repaint most of the tiles, which are lined with painter's tape.


Lastly, at least three layers of a Varathane polyurethane clear gloss is added to seal everything and create a glossy finish. The end result is a custom dining table featuring vibrant colors that make a statement.


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