IKEA's Shark Toy Is Going Viral for the Most Heartwarming Reason

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IKEA's Blåhaj shark toy was first released in 2014, but TikTok is giving the $19.99 cuddly critter new life. According to Insider, this is only the latest platform to embrace the blue shark — previously, it has gone viral on Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram — where creators love putting Blåhaj in hilarious human situations.


Video of the Day

We're especially smitten with a TikTok video by @bryonylydiaa, which shows a day in the life of Blåhaj to the tune of Reba McEntire's "I'm a Survivor." In the clip, you can see the shark working on their laptop, napping with a stuffed bunny, vacuuming, and watching ​Jaws.

Another TikTok by user @bobbatov, in reaction to a Mothership article about Blåhaj being flattened in vacuum-sealed bags, has us giggling. Here, you can see the creator covering the shark's eyes so they don't have to see their pancaked brethren.


In September 2021, Blåhaj fans demonstrated their dedication to the shark toy when IKEA U.K. tweeted that the product would be discontinued in April 2022. A Change.org petition was created and, having collected over 7,000 signatures, IKEA decided not to say goodbye to Blåhaj.


Many find the toy shark comforting and, thanks to its digital popularity, they feel as though they're part of a community. IKEA perhaps describes it best in the Blåhaj product description: "All soft toys are good at hugging, comforting and listening, and are fond of play and mischief."

If you'd like a Blåhaj friend for yourself, you can purchase the toy here. On Etsy, there are also plenty of Blåhaj goodies you can explore.


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