Aldi Products Have So Many Barcodes for This Brilliant Reason

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There's a lot to love about Aldi. Its products are affordable, delicious, and creative to boot. (Oh, and did we mention that they're affordable?) However, if you've ever shopped at the beloved supermarket, you might have wondered why its items are covered in barcodes.


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As it turns out, it's one of the many reasons why Aldi products are so cheap. According to shoppers on Reddit, the greater quantity of barcodes makes it easy for the cashier to scan the product. This allows them to quickly checkout customers, ultimately reducing how many cashiers are required to begin with. In turn, Aldi can save money by hiring fewer employees.


Think of it this way: If there was only one barcode on a product, the cashier may have to flip the item several times to find it. They might also have to position the product in a certain way to properly scan the barcode. This can slow down the checkout line, increasing the need for additional employees.

While we're on the topic of Aldi barcodes, you might have noticed that some of them are hilariously gigantic. Well, those supersized barcodes serve a similar reason. The bigger, more noticeable barcodes ​also​ make it easy for the cashier to find and scan each item.


If that's not efficient, then we don't know what is.

Other reasons why Aldi prices are cheap:

The brilliance of Aldi doesn't stop at its barcodes. The supermarket also uses the following methods to keep its prices low:

  • Requiring customers to "rent" and return carts themselves
  • Not playing music in stores
  • Displaying products in cardboard boxes
  • Having customers bag groceries themselves
  • Not providing free plastic bags
  • Not offering brand names

Now, if only other grocery stores would follow suit. Until then, we'll be swooning over Aldi, big barcodes and all.