This Hawaiian Roll Hack Is Perfect for Spring Picnics

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When the weather heats up, what we look forward to most is getting outside. That could involve a road trip to a new place, a picnic with loved ones, or a nearby outdoor adventure that gives us some quality time with nature. The only question is: What food will you pack for your open-air outing? This Hawaiian roll hack makes the answer easy.


Video of the Day

Thanks to @lizastian on TikTok, we discovered a simple Hawaiian roll recipe that makes packing for a picnic or road trip less of a chore. All you need is an entire package of Hawaiian rolls that are still intact and sandwich fillings of your choice (think different cheeses, meats, spreads, and veggies).

First, cut your layer of Hawaiian rolls in half, horizontally. Then, add your sandwich fillings. Creator @lizastian only uses meat and cheese, but many people in the comments prefer to add condiments and spreads. Place the top layer of rolls over these ingredients and cut out each roll individually, creating mini sandwiches you can easily munch on whenever you need a boost.


While this is perfect for saving time and money on a long road trip, we also think this Hawaiian roll hack would be great for a picnic with a few friends. Rather than preparing an entire meal, you can take a few minutes to make this recipe, throw in some drinks, and that's all you need for a simple spread.

Plus, to cut down on plastic waste, you can use the Hawaiian roll packaging to cover the sandwiches once they're made.