This IKEA Desk Hack Makes for an Easy-to-Organize Workspace

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We love when an IKEA hack completely transforms a space, whether that involves upgrading a shoe cabinet with Pole-Wrap or turning the Bror shelving unit into a catio. This time around, we've fallen head over heels for an IKEA desk hack designed by TikTok user @elocinhome. The best part is that it makes organizing your workspace a breeze.


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For this IKEA hack, you will need two of the Trofast shelving frames in light white stained pine, which each cost $85.99. To create the worktop, you'll have to buy the $92 Ekbacken countertop in matte beige and patterned laminate. First, set up the desk to get your desired length and look. Creator @elocinhome has the worktop sitting on the second tier of the Trofast frame. Then, cut Ekbacken down to size.


Underneath the surface where Trofast and Ekbacken meet, drill the two together using appropriately sized screws. You might need someone to press down on the worktop to help the two come together. Then, fill the frame with Trofast storage boxes — which range from $1.50 to $5 — and label them accordingly. The last step is the most fun: Decorate your desk to match your personal style. As @elocinhome proves, this hack works for both kid and adult spaces alike.


We love this hack not just because it's incredibly easy, but because it's also built to make for an organized workspace where everything has its own specific storage drawer.


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