New Obsession: Reflections Copenhagen's Crystal Shapes

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Amidst the new arrivals at Mociun, a company known for its fine jewelry and curated home goods, you'll find a collection of gems from Reflections Copenhagen. Founded in 2015 by Danish designers Julie Hugau and Andrea Larsson, Reflections Copenhagen aims to challenge conventional, mass-produced decor with handcrafted pieces that open up the possibilities for interior design.


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A combination of art and decor, the following Reflections Copenhagen pieces play with crystalline shapes and colors in ways you've never seen before. You can shop all the brand's new arrivals here.

1. Chicago Tealight Holder in Purple, $340

2. New Haven Basin in Rose/Brown/Yellow, $415


3. Manhattan Vase, $840

4. Somerset Crystal Glass Set, $680


5. Panama Tray, $760

6. Richmond Crystal Glass Set, $680


7. Memphis Tealight Holder, $380