Plumbers Say to Avoid This Bathroom TikTok Hack at All Costs

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TikTok is home to some of the best DIY hacks — from transforming an IKEA shoe cabinet to painting a door in an easy way that won't make you want to cry. However, some TikTok hacks are better left untouched. For instance, according to Tool Station, plumbers are currently warning people against trying a shower pressure TikTok hack that's been taking off on the platform.


Video of the Day

"Need more water pressure in your shower?" asks TikTok user @damgoodbuildr in a video captioned, "Showerhead pressure fix!" They then proceed to unscrew the showerhead from its hose. Inside, you'll see a plastic flow restrictor — @damgoodbuildr wants you to insert a screw into one of the restrictor's open quadrants and, using a drill, drive the screw into the restrictor until it goes into the plastic piece. Pull on the screw to remove the flow restrictor.


Once you reattach the showerhead to its hose, @damgoodbuildr states that you will notice a significant difference in water pressure. Unfortunately, they do not show the results of this DIY.

"Flow restrictors are in place for a reason," a plumber and bathroom fitter told Tool Station. "Removal can cause temperature issues, especially in the case of combi boilers [aka combination boilers]. I would say NEVER remove [the flow restrictor] unless the manufacturer clearly states they can be removed entirely. Most appliances call for a [rated flow] item ... Different colored ones indicate different flow rates, and you should always adhere to manufacturer advice."


In addition to causing water temperature issues, removing the showerhead's flow restrictor wastes water and will increase your utility bills. In other words, getting rid of the restrictor has no effect on water pressure — it simply increases water flow.

How to fix shower water pressure:

If you're looking for an easy fix, simply purchase a high-pressure showerhead. However, if you prefer the DIY route, there are several ways you can improve your home's water pressure. Of course, if you're not comfortable, you should always consult a professional, and if you live in a rental, make sure to let your landlord know about your water pressure issues.


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