This Bath Bomb Has the Strangest Scent We've Ever Heard Of

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Bath bombs are pretty standard. They typically come in a spherical shape, smell like flowers, and contain ingredients with skin-boosting ingredients. Some are even created in fun shapes (like those at Lush), contain surprise items like flower petals, and release beautiful colors and glitter into your bath. And yet, we just discovered a bath bomb that has taken us by surprise.


On the @junkfoodmom Instagram account, the user shared that Reese's — yes, the peanut butter cup brand! — has released a peanut butter-scented bath bomb. We're not kidding.

For $1.25, you can purchase a single Reese's bath bomb at Five Below. It's designed as a 1.41-ounce tablet colored light orange and white. A bunny's face is also imprinted on the top. "Make bath time sweeter with a Reese's peanut butter scented bath bomb! A perfect non-candy treat for easter," reads the product description.


The same bath bomb was available at Walmart for $14.95. However, it is currently out of stock. Who is buying these?! You'd have to be a pretty big peanut butter fan to want to smell like the nutty spread after a bath.

This reminds us of two things: One, when Oscar Meyer released a bologna face mask earlier this year and, according to CNN, it quickly sold out. And two, this video:

What strange bath and body product will we see from a food company next?