This 'Lip Balm' Tool Makes Spreading Butter a Breeze

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We've all dealt with the impossible task that is attempting to spread butter straight out of the fridge. (Though, did you know that certain types of butter can be stored at room temp?) To combat this frustrating chore, TikTok user @yizilina discovered an Amazon product that makes spreading butter as easy as applying lip balm.


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"This silicone butter holder fits an entire stick of butter and is perfect for easily spreading butter on cookware and food such as toast, bagels, and corn," says @yizilina. "This device folds down as the butter gets shorter and comes with a lid for when it's not in use."

Essentially, this butter holder — the Lantsang Butter Stick Holder for $9.88 on Amazon — is just like a lip balm applicator that can be twisted up and down. To use the tool, simply hold the product in your hand, remove the lid, twist the butter up, and apply the substance directly on your cookware or food.


We'd also like to note that Amazon reviews for this product are mixed. One buyer specifically states that if you don't allow the holder to sit at room temperature for a bit, the butter will still be hard to apply to toast. Also, it would seem that the item does not hold a full stick of butter. "You have to cut off at least 2 oz of the stick to make it fit in the holder," one reviewer writes.


That being said, we'd still be interested in trying out this butter holder for ourselves.


Other easy ways to spread butter:

  • Use a cheese grater to grate smaller, spreadable pieces of butter on toast.
  • Fill a cup with hot water, remove the water, and place the cup over your butter. The heat will help it melt.
  • Rinse your knife under hot water. The warm knife will then easily slice through the butter.
  • Purchase a butter dish so that you can store your butter on the counter at room temperature.


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