Disney's New Candles Smell Just Like Its Theme Park Attractions

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Thanks to the Disney products available for purchase at the company's theme parks, you can easily bring some Mickey Mouse magic home with you. Case in point: According to TikTok user @disneylbv, Disney just released candles that smell exactly like its theme park attractions.


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On Instagram, @disney_hype_beast_80 reports that nine candles were released. "All of the candles are $34.99 — except for the holiday candle, which is $24.99," the user wrote. All candles also appear to be available at both Disneyland and Disney World.

After consulting several sources, here are the scents we found for each candle:


  • Cinderella's pumpkin coach: pumpkin spice
  • Snow White's poison apple: spiced apple
  • Pooh's "hunny" pot: honey
  • Castle tower: lavender
  • The Aristocats​: French vanilla
  • Pineapple Stitch: tropical pineapple (aka Dole Whip?)
  • Haunted Mansion: roses
  • Mickey Mouse: cinnamon sugar
  • Holiday: winter raspberry

All of these scents sound magical. We're especially intrigued by the Haunted Mansion one, which has been described as "eerie."


Where to buy the new 2022 Disney candles:

At Disneyland, WDW News Today found the candles located at Discovery Trading Company in Disney's Animal Kingdom. As for Disney World, Disney Food Blog located the items at The Emporium in Magic Kingdom.

If you're unable to travel to Disneyland or Disney World, there are also plenty of small businesses that sell Disney park-themed candles:


Now, the final question is: When will Disney release a Pirates of the Caribbean candle inspired by the ride? Many fans are wondering.


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