This Trick Makes Cleaning Oven Racks SO Easy

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Let's be real: Cleaning the oven is one of the most daunting tasks in the kitchen. This is especially true if your oven racks are caked in burnt food and debris. Sound familiar? If so, you'll want to check out this cleaning trick we recently found on TikTok.


Video of the Day

In a popular video, user explains the technique. The first step is to line your bathtub with an old towel, then place the oven racks on top. Fill the tub with hot water and pour in half a cup of dish soap. (She used Dawn, but any dish soap should do.)

Cover the grates with dryer sheets, and let everything sit for a few hours or overnight. Finally, scrub the racks with an abrasive sponge — or even some of the dryer sheets. The debris and gunk will come right off, leaving your oven racks looking good as new. Done and done.


You can clearly see how well this hack works in @brunchwithbabs' video. Needless to say, it's extremely satisfying to watch, and it's inspiring us to clean our own ovens. It's also an interesting way to use dryer sheets, to say the least.


The only catch? As some TikTok users noted, this hack can leave quite a mess in the bathtub. So, we'd recommend placing a strainer in your bathtub drain, if you don't already have one. Another option is to rinse and scrub the oven racks outside, if possible.

Can you skip the dryer sheets?

If you prefer to skip the dryer sheets in the name of reducing waste, you're in luck. According to one user who commented on the video, it's possible to use this trick without them. What's more, if you're dealing with extra-stubborn food and debris, you can sprinkle on some baking soda just before you scrub.