This Clever Hack Turns Mesh Produce Bags Into Cleaning Tools

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Contrary to popular belief, you don't need fancy products to create a more sustainable home. Reducing waste can be as simple as re-purposing everyday items. Need proof? On Instagram, user @byjillee recently demonstrated how to re-use mesh produce bags in the kitchen — and it's brilliant.


Video of the Day

In a video, @byjillee cuts open a mesh bag of onions. But instead of tossing the bag, she scrunches it up to create a makeshift pot scrubber. She then uses it to clean a cast iron pan, which effortlessly removes food debris. So smart.

We bet this hack would be just as useful for cleaning other heavy-duty cookware, like metal sheet pans and stainless steel pots. Moreover, you can rinse and re-use mesh produce bags several times.


Of course, the most sustainable option would be to avoid buying veggies in produce bags altogether. But depending on your grocery store, this might not always be an option. So, instead of immediately tossing those bags, try this hack first.


Other ways to re-use produce bags:

The texture of a mesh produce bag makes it excellent for cleaning. And while you can scrunch one up and call it a day, it's not the only technique. Another option is to wrap the bag around a sponge and tie off the ends. The sponge will offer extra scrubbing power, plus a generous dose of soap.


If you have a garden, use mesh produce bags to protect your vegetables from curious animals. Simply drape the bag around the veggies and hold it in place with stakes. We've used this trick to protect homegrown strawberries in containers, and it works great!

The best part? You can use a mesh bag in the garden even after you've used it to clean. Again, just rinse it off after scrubbing a pot, then place it in the garden.


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