This IKEA Coffee Table Hack Replicates a $1,300 Table

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When lifestyle blogger Arin Jura came across Lulu and Georgia's Delta Round Coffee Table, they fell in love — but not with the $1,298 price tag. That's when Jura decided to create an IKEA coffee table hack that would replicate the big-budget pedestal table, which is now sold out.


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On the TikTok account @arinsolange, Jura documented the entire IKEA hack so that others can easily follow along. "This IKEA hack was crazy easy and one of my favorites yet!" reads the video's caption.

Jura started out with the following supplies: the IKEA Listerby Coffee Table in oak veneer ($149.99), three Umbra Treela Trash Cans ($16.50 each on Amazon), E6000 Craft Adhesive ($13.99 for a two-pack on Amazon), three screws, a screwdriver, and Behr Interior Chalk Decorative Spray Paint in the Classic Noir shade ($6.98 at The Home Depot).


First, Jura spray-painted all three trash cans with the Behr product. Using the E6000 adhesive and one screw per trash can, they adhered the three cans to the bottom of the IKEA tabletop. So it would look like the Lulu and Georgia piece, the three cans were clustered together at the center of the table. And that's all!

For full step-by-step instructions, Jura also has the entire IKEA coffee table hack tutorial written out on their blog.


In total, the creator spent around $220.46, excluding the price of the screws and screwdriver (which you also might have on hand already). In other words, this IKEA hack saved them $1,077.46. Plus, since the Lulu and Georgia table is currently sold out, they also didn't have to wait for the product to come back in stock and ship.

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